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Yo! Yo! Is me, Vickson! Life is great with DSLR, capturing the memorable moment with nice pics! Now I am fully utilizing my design + web + photography skill to create fantastic work! I would love to help If you are impressed with my work!

1. Wedding Day Photo Shoots (Hot!) – such as Keat & Fong (New!)
2. Studio Photo Shoots (New!) – such as Kelly + Lex
3. Baby Photo Shoots (New!) – such as Baby Sin Nin
4. Company / Office / Factory Photo Shoots – such as Exabytes Network
5. Company Staff Photo Shoots – such as Exabytes Model
6. Product Photo Shoots – such as Mobile Bag
7. Couple Photo Shoots – such as Keat & Fong
8. Company Event Photo Shoots – Coming Soon~
9. Restaurant Food & Cuisine Photo Shoots – such as Food Photography

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or feel free to drop me an email – vicksontan@gmail.com

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